Pavlos Mavromatidis, Andreas Kanarachos



A Study on Wheel Force Measurement Using Strain Gauge Equipped Wheels

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automotive control systems, wheel force measurement


In order to fully understand the dynamic behavior of a vehicle the forces and moments acting on the wheels need to be known with an acceptable level of accuracy. Since all the tire models used in the literature calculate the tire forces and moments based on parameters which are difficult to measure or estimate online, in this paper a different approach is undertaken. A wheel rim from a formula student car was fitted with strain gauges and a study was conducted with respect to the feasibility to estimate the static load applied to it. A a FE model was built with the aim to find a simple and feasible method to estimate the wheel strain when loaded under a static load and while turning. Furthermore, a FE analysis was carried out to validate the data obtained from testing. The results of this study highlight the challenges encountered and discuss possible solutions.

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Pavlos Mavromatidis, Andreas Kanarachos. (2016) A Study on Wheel Force Measurement Using Strain Gauge Equipped Wheels. International Journal of Instrumentation and Measurement, 1, 1-5