Tugce Ertan, Yakup Egercioglu



The Effects of Urban Renewal Politics on Historic Urban Regeneration Projects: Case of Kadifekale

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Cities are dynamic urban spaces that are under constant change and transformation due to the pressure of needs and evolving economy. Especially after 1950’s immigration to major cities in Turkey has accelerated and problems concerning urban spaces, culture differences between city dwellers and urban decay have been increasing ever since. The need for urban regeneration is inevitable. Izmir is a historic city with 8000 years of history and it experienced rapid urbanization and unfortunately, historic sites such as Kadifekale took a lot of immigration and experienced a deep urban decay. Additionaly, Kadifekale site is a disaster region, which has to be handled with extra care. A valuable historic heritage site with squatting and disaster problems requires a detailed urban renewal plan that pays attention to urban spatial use, historic preservation and the needs of residents. This study will examine and evaluate the present urban regeneration project that is carried out in the region with the perspective of present day laws about the issue.


Turkey, Izmir, Kadifekale, urban regeneration, urban preservation, urban renewal, disaster region, squatter


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