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Youth Buying Behaviour Towards Smartphone’s: A Study in Ludhiana City

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The perception of customers regarding smart phones is progressively becoming an issue of study for marketing research professionals. Consumer behaviour regarding perception towards smart phone’s, buying choices; to post-usage behaviour is a subject of research for marketers. India is a standout amongst the developing economies due to its high growth rate, large population, high aspiration levels, increasing disposable incomes, and a large proportion of population being below thirty five. With a constant increment in disposable incomes, there is likely to be an increase in yearning of young consumers towards consumer products like smart phones. Smartphone is not only considered as a basic phone in its utility but also a complete entertainment package, business aid, as well as lifestyle statement. This study investigates the external and internal variables which aid in influencing the young purchaser acquiring a smart phone. This work also concentrates on purchaser state of mind towards smart phones and impact of brand on customers purchase decision as well as key components which influence consumer’s attitudes and practices towards smartphone buy.


Consumer Behaviour, Smartphone, Purchasing Attitude, Branding, Price, Consumer Preferences, Usage Behavior


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