Osman Hürol Türkakin



The Performance of Heuristic Rules in Resource Constrained Project Scheduling

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Resource-Constrained project scheduling is a kind of scheduling problem that aims minimizing project duration within limited resource availabilities. There are various types of methods for solving Resource-Constrained project scheduling. Heuristic priority rules are one of efficient methods. In the literature comparison of the heuristic rules within different networks is not sufficient. This study compares 7 heuristic priority rules by the solution of the 4 set of benchmark problems in Project Scheduling Problem Library (PSLIB). And there are four kinds of resource types. Serial scheduling scheme is used for the solution of the problems. The late start rule shows best performance and the second rule is late finish rule.


Resource Constrained Project Scheduling, Priority-based heuristics, Heuristic Approach, Heuristic Rule Comparison


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