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Dilemmas and Controversies Regarding the Corporate Governance

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The thoughts and research on corporate governance have scored down a new sudden revival as a result of the recent economic and financial crisis and recession and the changes that have taken place within the world economy as well. The current subjects of governance must reflect the major transformations of companies. The remarkable developments within the economic, political and ideological arena require a new vision over governance as a result of the enhanced role exercised in the functioning and ensuring the well-being of companies. The pressure of the new social and economic realities and the impact of the global crisis on the shareholder model force the need to extend the analysis perspectives over the corporate governance and the arguments which support the increase of its role in ensuring sustainable development and the balancing of the interests of all the parties involved in this process. The need of new methods and perspectives of analysis of governance, where, along with financial and legal aspects, issues of ownership and control should regain their place, should be based on the review of the theoretical sources and ideological fundaments in agreement with the new post-crisis context and the recent acquisitions in the financial and economic theories. The contemporary debates on corporate governance have highlighted the complexity character and the difficulty of analysis from the perspective of a single disciplinary area. Comparative assessments and approaches have noted the persistence of some multiple and distinct forms, as well as the vulnerabilities and dynamism of corporate governance systems.


shareholder governance, sustainable value, stakeholder model, convergence versus divergence, hybridization


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