Sri Kusuma Wati Mohd Daud, Fauzan Mustaffa, Hanafizan Hussain



Thumbnail Sketches Usage in Organizing Idea for Typography Design

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Sketches have been used as design method for long time. Typography design project has been adopted thumbnail sketches as the beginning of the process in organizing idea as tool or skill needed in the design process. The role of using thumbnail sketches either as tool or skill has an impact on students’ attention and creativity which associated with typography design. An experiment using sketching techniques will be used to provide the process of design typography as part of typography design portfolio. The findings of this experimental method can be seen on the process of thumbnail sketches which demonstrates a simplistic approach towards the overall idea and creativity of students’ portfolio in typography design class. The creation of a design portfolio is an important part of the learning process, because it consists of milestones and process documentation that can be used as a way to examine and measure progress and guide the designer along the path to making design decisions during the completion of the task. Although software technology has an integral role to play in the production of designed products, it is an adjunct to the core content of courses which aim to allow students to gain an understanding of the knowledge and skills associated with design, their application to creative problem solving and to also gain a contextual/theoretical understanding of issues related to design and the broader field.


Thumbnail Sketches, Typography Design, Ideation, Knowledge Capturing, Learning Approach


[1] B. Buxton, (2007) Sketching User Experiences: Getting the Design Right and the Right Design (Interactive Technologies). Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

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