Mircea-Emilian Ardeleanu, Bogdan Răscăcea



The Actual and Future Aspects of Using the Inductive Transmisson of Electromagnetic Energy

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The discovery of the electromagnetic induction phenomena by the English physicist Michael
Faraday and his scientific underlining constitutes important marks in the technical and scientific development of human kind thus being the catalyst of the industrial progress from IXI and XX centuries.The industrial uses of the electromagnetic induction law (a series production of electric transformers, engines and electric generators) led to the apparition of one of the most important and performant economic branches, namely the Electrotechnics.
In this article, firstly, several relevant aspects from the pedagogical, scientific activity and life of the English physicist Michael Faraday, are presented. His experiments which led to the enunciation of the electromagnetic induction law are presented. Likewise, several biographical aspects regarding the life and the opera of the eccentric and genius Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla, are also presented In this article, the use of the electromagnetic induction law was proposed (inductive transmission of electrical energy) in the technical achievements in electrotechnics and namely electric transformers and rotary electrical machines. Also, a reference is made to the genius Tesla’s idea regarding the possibility performing wireless transmission of electric energy over long distances. At the end of the work, some actual and future applications regarding the inductive transmission of the electrical energy are presented and listed in what regards to recharging an electrical vehicle, a mobile phone or a pacemaker.


Electromagnetic induction, resonant circuit, wireless transmision, electromotive force, battery;
Induction current; Resonance conditions, induced electromotive voltage


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