Marichela Sepe



Placemaking, Urban Identity and New Technologies

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Placemaking, new technologies, urban design, place identity, cultural resources, urban regeneration


The rapid consumption of culture which is affecting many historic sites is leading to the loss of place identity that increasingly becomes hybrid and compromised. In order to face the new urban topics, the “placemaking” has updated its theory and has added representational tools in order to become suitable to illustrate more complex urban scenes. Indeed computer science and new technologies have in recent decades become increasingly useful supports and more a for improvement of studies and applications in the field of area investigations. Moving from these premises, aim of this work is to illustrate the questions concerning the relationships between placemaking and new technologies, a new dynamic tool and, as case study, the results of two research project - TECON@BC and a China-Italy Bilateral project -, with attention to the study of the medieval burgh of Sovana.

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Marichela Sepe. (2016) Placemaking, Urban Identity and New Technologies. International Journal of Cultural Heritage, 1, 55-64