Melissa Pokorny, Eduardo Dias, Augusto Brandao Junior



Medical Prescription Process in Brazil

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track and trace, medical prescription, automation, medicine control system


The pharmaceutical sector in Brazil is very complex with many players in the supply chain. Given the complexity of the sector and the importance of health for the government, it was created in the country a track and trace system of medicines from the manufacturing industry to consumption by the patient, through distribution, transportation, dispensing, prescription and patient identification. It turns out that the measures taken so far range from manufacturing to dispensing, not foreseeing executive measures for the prescription. The prescription is important for the patient’s health and allows access to medicines, including those controlled by the government. The prescription process is basically on paper, enabling frauds. One possible solution is to automate the prescription process and to integrate this system in the future with the National Medicine Control System.

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Melissa Pokorny, Eduardo Dias, Augusto Brandao Junior. (2016) Medical Prescription Process in Brazil. International Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Systems, 1, 81-85