Liliana Porojan, Sorin Porojan, Lucian Rusu, Adrian Bolo, Cristina Savencu



Failure Behavior of Bilayered All-Ceramic Crowns

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bilayered crowns, molar, zirconia framework, pressed ceramic veneer, failure behavior, fracture


Based on clinical long-term data bilayered single crowns can be considered as a reliable and promising treatment option that can be recommended in the posterior region. Veneer chipping and zirconia frameworks fractures are critical issues in all-ceramic restorations. The objective of this study was to assess the failure behavior of bilayered all-ceramic molar crowns, evidenced by different type of fractures. Experiments were conducted on a right first maxillary molar. Bilayered all-ceramic crowns were obtained with a 0.5 mm thick zirconia milled framework and veneered with hot-pressed ceramics. The specimens were tested at compressive load until failure. The typical macroscopic crack pattern of all samples showed that crack propagation resulted in more broken pieces with sharp edges. Ceramic materials show considerable variation in strength due to their extreme sensitivity to cracks. Understanding the fracture behavior of dental ceramics and its relation to different materials and restorations is important from a clinical point of view.

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Liliana Porojan, Sorin Porojan, Lucian Rusu, Adrian Bolo, Cristina Savencu. (2016) Failure Behavior of Bilayered All-Ceramic Crowns. Biology and Biomedicine, 1, 93-96