Jiří Potuček, Marek Mateják, Jiří Douša, Olga Štěpánková



Patient Genetic Module in Pharmacology

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pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine, genetic test, personalized pharmacokinetics, personalized pharmacodynamics, genetic health records


Personalized medicine that is based on genetic testing opens new possibilities for better pharmacological treatments of a patient, even for physicians or pharmacists who are not familiar with the interpretation of genetic data. Genetic data can be automatic processes that use knowledge from many already accessible databases, collecting results from many scientific studies. This paper presents the idea of a system for the personalized optimization of drug dosing using the integration of pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. For such a system, it is necessary to store the genetic data of the patient as a set of the patient’s_x000D_
alleles of selected genes.

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Jiří Potuček, Marek Mateják, Jiří Douša, Olga Štěpánková. (2016) Patient Genetic Module in Pharmacology. International Journal of Medical Pharmacology, 1, 1-4