Badea Lepadatescu



Renewable Energy Sources Used in Small Installations to Produce Electricity and to Provide Water for Domestic Supply and Irrigation



In the paper are shown some examples of the use of renewable energy sources in different field of application. First is presented a wind turbine with vertical axis helical rotor shape that has shown good energetic performances even at low wind speed. This type of turbine can be mounted on the roof of houses making them independent energetically throughout the entire year. Secondly, is shown a wind turbine with horizontal axis which is used to pump water for domestic supply in an area of a small holiday location. It is a place with a few buildings which are located near a river and is needed water for daily requirements. For this reason was designed and realized a wind turbine that acts a diaphragm pump and which take water from a river and send it to a tank from where it is sending anytime where is needed. Finally, is presented a study and experimental achievements with an installation to prepare domestic warm water with solar panels in a area of block of flats in the town. By implementing this system on the roof of a thermal station, was reduced the gas consumption with 30 %.


wind turbine, domestic water, renewable energy, solar panel, warm water, consumption gas reduction


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