Yang-Keun Ahn, Kwang-Soon Choi, Young-Choong Park



Multi-Sensor Real-Time Motion Tracking System

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This study proposed a multi-sensor real-time motion tracking technology based on a Kinect camera and Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) sensors. The proposed method serves as a test bed for sportic human motion analysis. Joint data was retrieved from the Kinect camera, and accurate motion tracking was performed through AHRS sensors attached to major joints. OpenGL contents were generated to support the motion tracking technology, and the output showed that the proposed system is more accurate that other systems that rely on single sensors. The proposed system uses minimal information required for human motion tracking, making it more affordable and easier to set up. The experimental results verified that the system is capable of realistic motion capture.


Gesture Tracking, Joint Detection, Gesture Recognition, Screen Control System, OpenGL


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