Abdel-Karim Daud, Sameer Khader



Comparison Analysis between Various Boost Chopper Configurations

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This paper investigates the behaviors of various configuration of Boost DC chopper used in Photovoltaic energy systems or in various voltage regulators. The targeted boost converters are conventional Buck-Boost (BB), traditional single ended primary coil (TSEPIC) and modified single ended primary coil (MSEPIC). The comparison analysis in based on studying the chopper behaviors with respect to the modulation frequency, then studying the chopper behaviors with respect to duty operation cycle at optimized frequency. The subjected parameters are output voltage ripple, current ripples, overall efficiency, source current and voltage gain. A mathematical model for up mentioned performances is derived and a simulation model using Matlab/ Simulink platforms is conducted to follow these behaviors. Simulation results indicate that each of those choppers has certain switching frequency at which they have optimized performances with respect to voltage gain and efficiency. Then there are optimized operation at certain frequency and duty cycle. MSEPIC converter indicates that with respect to efficiency, voltage gain and ripples that displayed better performances comparing with other converters, where the efficiency approaches 98% and the voltage gain exceeds 19 times the input voltage at duty cycle of 90% while the other converters have 3 times the source voltage. With respect to voltage and current ripples MSEPIC displayed minimum values where Vo is less than 0.7%. The conducted simulations confirm the better utilization and importance for using MSEPIC rather that either BB or TSEPIC with respect to voltage gain, efficiency, current stress on the power switches and related elements. The performances of proposed calculated algorithm for different converters are analyzed and verified by simulations with the help of MATLAB/Simulink.


DC-DC Power Conversion, Buck-Boost Converter, Traditional SEPIC Converter, Modified SEPIC Converter, SMPS


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