Ananda M, Kalpana A. B.



A Design and Analysis of Op Amp Twin-T Band Reject Notch Filter

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In present days the design of filters in the transceivers plays an important role in wireless LAN. In this paper the main focus is to design and analyze the Op Amp Twin T Band Reject Notch filter in order to reject the single or narrow band frequency within the supplied frequency band and to remove the unwanted noise hum. Here the proposed work involves the circuit construction of Dual op-amp Twin T notch filter circuit design in 180nm technology with the 1.8V input power supply. By considering the band rejection twin T notch filter when an input frequency to the filter circuit is allowed with any band frequency range and if there is disturbance in between this band then that particular single frequency is avoided by stopping the unwanted frequency. In this work tried rejecting the frequency of 2.5GHz. This work also includes the addition of voltage to current converter connected after the notch filter circuit design at the-output end in order-to avoid the neutral current in a circuit and thereby measuring parameters results of the circuit i.e gain, power consumption, power quality factor and measure of current is simulated.


Op amp, LAN, transceiver, Twin T Notch filter, Narrow stopband frequency, Converter


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