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The Effect of Digital Transformation on Information Systems Development

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The growing of digital content and tools are rapidly changing the way the organization can create, use and exchange information. Whether or not an organization has launched a formal digital transformation initiative, so the use of digital technologies may lead to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business. Digital transformation has become a vital for enterprises to improve organizational spirit. There is no doubt that most business operations are inseparable from the information technology (IT) infrastructure on which they run. As a result, technological advances, if properly managed, can translate directly into business advances. However, many companies struggle to bridge the gap between their existing IT infrastructures and practices and the value that new digital technologies could create. Information systems (IS) can strengthen such transformation, and they are very promising in digitalization. The sociotechnical perspective recommends that information systems development projects implicate both organizational and technical aspects. This study employed a quantitative design to examine the relationship between the main constructs for information system development (ISD) such as external digital databases, training, knowledge management systems, team member selection and communication with the effect of digital transformation. The digital economy has now a widespread impact on the whole economy and leads companies to transform and adopt new competition rules. The study shows that digital database resources have a significant impact on modifying ISD culture in the current situation. The use of digital databases makes it possible to understand, planning and identification of user information needs, and evaluating the effectiveness of user database resource utilization


Information System Development, Information Digital Transformation, Digital External Databases Accessibility, Training, Knowledge Management system, Team Member Selection


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