Manoj R., Harish S. V., Shyam S. Karanth



Security Attacks and Counter Measures on Network Layer in Cognitive Radio Network: A Review

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Cognitive Radio (CR) is used to represent integration of substantial, computational intelligence particularly in machine learning, vision and natural language processing into software defined radio. Ideal Cognitive Radio is CR with autonomous machine learning, vision and spoken or written language perception [1].Spectrum shortage is a major problem in wireless communication. Our paper focuses on the existing attacks and security issues in CR Networks on network layer. The fundamentals of CRNs including the basic components, study on the various network layer attacks like Hello flood, Sink Hole, Ripple, Wormhole and their Defense are reviewed [2]. In CR we need to first identify the requirements of protocol for network layer of Cognitive Radio Network, propose a protocol for Defense of attacks, design, implement and evaluate the best effort Network protocols [3]. The scope of this survey is to present an overview of the security threats and challenges on Network Layer in Cognitive Radio. We also presented attack scenarios specific to Cognitive Radio Network architecture and capabilities. Following each attack scenario, we presented mitigation techniques particular to the attack.


Cognitive Radio,Network Layer, Security,Attacks,Countermeasures.


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