Ivan Slade-Šilović, Ivan Dunđer, Jelena Popić



Information System for Collecting and Tracking Patient Radiation Doses as Support in Healthcare

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Internet technologies and modern devices are becoming more relevant in all aspects of human lives, including healthcare. Medical devices can be applied to help diagnose illnesses, save human lives and monitor different levels in all segments that directly or indirectly impact life and health. In this paper, a conceptual design of a harmonized information system for tracking, storing, exchange and analysis of patient radiation doses is proposed. This system unifies all data of patient radiation doses which are irradiated during every imaging examination of patients. It could, as a result, serve as a decision supporting system for radiographers, and patient examinations where radiation doses need to be adjusted for imaging. Such an information system could store and analyze essential data and provide suggestions for radiation exposure during examination, reduce the overall number of examinations, images, waiting lists, costs, and time spent on evaluating findings. The proposed system could be an upgrade of ALARA, which serves as an extension of the Radiation Safety Culture in Medicine.


E-Health, Healthcare communication, Information system, Data harmonization, Radiation data, Radiation safety, Real-time analysis, Data tracking, Information security, Information integrity


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Ivan Slade-Šilović, Ivan Dunđer, Jelena Popić. (2023) Information System for Collecting and Tracking Patient Radiation Doses as Support in Healthcare. International Journal of Computers, 8, 20-24


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