Benjamín Zayas, Alfredo Espinosa, Vicky Sanchez, Javier Perez



Getting ready for data analytics of electric power distribution systems

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The modernization of power utilities through the deployment of emergent technologies across the grid and advanced information systems are producing large amount of data that have to be managed with new approaches and technologies using existing and new analytical techniques. Data analysis is taking an important role in supporting decision making, big data technologies enable the analysis of data that was not possible using conventional systems for managing data. Analytical models have also evolved from descriptive to advanced analytics. Advanced analytics refer to the analysis of the data that produce results in which traditional business intelligence approaches are not appropriate. Therefore, an analytical platform has to be adopted by the utilities that better fit to the analytics needs in order to extract remarkable values for efficiently and effectively driven decisions while saving implementation cost.


big data; analytics; power utilities; analytics models


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