Edgar De Jesús Sandoval Arboleda, Vivian Orejuela Ruiz, David Steven Duran



Electronic Urn - Technological Adoption To Improve Electoral Processes

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Currently, with the use of technologies, the aim is to generate an environmental, economic and social impact that leads to a transformation and adoption in the improvement of operational processes within organizations and institutions. This project proposes an information system called Electronic Urn (SIUE,For its acronym in Spanish), which was designed with two objectives: Improve electoral operational processes of the Higher Education Institution, Unidad Central Del Valle Del Cauca, (UCEVA,for its acronym in spanish) using a development methodology called ICONIX1, with which it was possible to execute the stages that allowed to carry out the development of the application and support the learning and awareness of the policies in the good management of public resources, using strategies to comply with the policy of zero paper. The structure of the document starts from an introduction to the problem and justification of the reasons why it is proposed. The methodology summarizes the process of the technology used and the advantages of the application. The design shows the advantages of using the Laravel framework and the Vista Controller Model (MVC, for its acronym in Spanish,). Finally, the impact of the results of this project (SIUE).


Software Electronic Voting, ICONIX. Laravel, Electoral Processes


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