Sunil Tamhankar, Faruk Kazi, Sachin Patil



Design of SMART (Secure, Multichannel, Adaptive, Real Time, Tiny) Gateway for Cyber Physical System

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Cyber Physical systems (CPSs) are being increasingly deployed for complete or partial automation, in manufacturing and process industries, electric utilities, transportation systems and many other plants. Due to legacy physical infrastructure of such systems; interoperability and seam-less data transfer between devices operating on various protocol is a critical issue. A gateway is a network node that connects two networks using different protocols on either side. Today in Cyber Physical System era gateway plays an important role in a communication system. The concept of SMART gateway is proposed which can able to provide Security feature by introducing node ID and route filtering, Multichannel functionality to transfer data in the desired form as streaming, polling, and live, Adaptive in nature as per system requirements, Real-time capability for live monitoring and control with Tiny in nature in Size and OS. This SMART gateway will serve the desired requirements of Cyber Physical System and enhances the performance.


CPS Cyber Physical System, BLE Blue Tooth Low Energy


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