Ekbal Rashid



Activity’ and ‘Effort’ as Quantitative Parameters of Software Projects

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GitHub in 2023 has listed the top ten repositories in terms of number of contributors. The authors of the present paper felt it necessary to take a look at these repositories on the basis of some quantitative parameters to gather some insight as to why these projects have been successful. In this paper there have been attempts to define some novel parameters as 'activity’ and 'effort’ of different kinds. These parameters have also been calculated for the top ten projects. Based on these data, some inferences have been made relating quantitative study of software projects to the quality of these projects and there is also the scope of some future work in this field. The significance of study is sufficiently interesting and has been adequately explained.


GitHub, repositories, activity, effort


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Ekbal Rashid. (2023) Activity’ and ‘Effort’ as Quantitative Parameters of Software Projects. International Journal of Computers, 8, 53-61


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