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Accelerating the Delivery Process of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Results

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Faster Delivery of laboratory test results is one of the most noticeable signs of good laboratory service and is often used as a key performance indicator of laboratory performance. Despite the availability of technology, The Delivery time of clinical laboratory test results continues to be a cause of customer dissatisfaction which make patients feel frustrated and they became careless to get their laboratory test results. The Medical Clinical Laboratory test results are highly sensitive and could harm patients especially with severe case if they deliver in wrong time. Such results affect the treatment done by physicians if arrived at correct time. Efforts should therefore be made to ensure faster delivery of lab test results by utilizing new trusted, Robust and fast system. The proposed system provides quick response rate and the decision is faster than the manual methods. This will save patients life. A multi-agent system is formed by a community of agents that exchange information and proactively help one another to achieve the goals set by the system designer. We show how agents can collaborate to accelerate the delivery process of clinical diagnostic laboratory results using GSM technology.



Multi-Agent, GSM, SMS, Laboratory, JADE, Delivery



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