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Active Power Losses Curtailed by Reconfiguration with DG source in Distribution Systems

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Distributed generation and optimal placement of capacitors have the impending to improve the complete performance of the distribution systems using multi-objective soft computing techniques. The profits of the finest location of DG inserting and optimal placement of capacitors are important to selecting the number and volume of devices. This proposed research will be implemented a hybrid BAT algorithm for an optimal location to inject the reactive power and capacity of DGs. The proposed method has a high convergence speed and is not confined to resident optimal. The hybrid methodologies are enhanced using multi-objective functions technically, economically, and environmentally minimizing the active power losses, Voltage stability Index, the total cost of energy saving, and total emissions from generation sources in the system. This research has been executed with MATLAB 2021b software and The concert of the results have been compared with GO, Fireworks algorithm, cuckoo crunch algorithm, shuffled Frogs leaf algorithms, and Antlion Optimizations with standard IEEE 33 bus and IEEE 69 bus and standard Indian test 62 bus systems. Based on the results, the proposed BAT algorithm is a more efficient tool for curtailing the active power losses and maintaining the voltage deviation in the buses.


Network reconfigurations, Distribution systems, Bat algorithm, curtailing Losses, DG sources, Voltage Stability Indicator


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