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Shared Mobility for Sustainable Urban Development

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In the era of rapid urbanization and ever increasing demand for moving people and goods, transport systems play a key role in sustainable urban development. With the promotion of sustainable mobility, the traditional personal mobility choices have strongly opposed each other. There is an active call to shift from car-oriented mobility to more sustainable mobility options like public transit and non-motorized modes. Assuming that urban society will not give up from the flexibility of personal vehicles, the concept of shared mobility has entered the scene. A range of new services falling under the system of shared mobility enables improving capacity utilization either by sharing vehicles or sharing rides. The benefits from the sustainable development perspective are open to debate. The impacts of various shared mobility schemes on urban sustainability are outlined. The mutual complementarity of shared mobility and urban public transport makes multimodality concept a sound alternative to owning a car.


cities, sustainable mobility, sharing economy, carsharing, ridesharing, multimodality


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