Jianyong Cao, Xunjun Cang, Feng Yu



Research on Measurement Techniques of Vehicle Road Safety

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Reliable methods for evaluating vehicle road safety are very necessary for the research of the driving safety. The test methods can be categorized into two kinds: virtual simulation and road test. These two kinds of approaches can evaluate vehicle safety efficiently on some level, but there are some shortcomings, which include the test accuracy and test efficiency. In order to overcome the shortcomings, in this paper, combining the benefits of those two methods, a novel test methodologies is developed. Based on the human-vehicle-road system, Driver steering input under typical conditions is obtained through optimization algorithm, the uncertainty of driver and proving ground is coupled with steering angle, the test with the steering angle is carried out through the steering robot on the proving ground. The results show that the proposed test method can effectively provide convincing results of the driving safety with a high accuracy under a variety of driving conditions and provides better guidance for vehicle safety research.


measurement method, road safety, driver model, closed-loop, robot


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Jianyong Cao, Xunjun Cang, Feng Yu. (2020) Research on Measurement Techniques of Vehicle Road Safety. International Journal of Transportation Systems, 5, 1-10


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