Satya Shah, Fong Yung



Overview of Purchasing and Procurement Strategies Adoption in Global Shipping and Maritime Sectors

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Purchasing and procurement many times are viewed as add-on activities related to issuing purchase orders and conducting procurement contracts with any direct involvement in implementing any strategic plans within the firms. With the advancement of international trade and globalisation, logistics services are now viewed more importantly through the global network of partnerships and collaborations within the changing market space. The paper is a theoretical study of purchasing strategy in maritime industry in Malaysia, mainly for ship management firm. Research relates to identify the appropriate purchasing and procurement strategies used to improves businesses competitive advantages over its competitor. Purchasing categories identified through its impacts are studied for research, including categories spending, total spending, and impact of each categories towards customers. This research is customer-based research whereby customers feedback on current procurement practices and customer expectation are collected to ensure that research addressed to customer’s needs. Kraljic's matrix analysis tool is used to infer the information collected from business environment and strategy is created based upon the findings and results with objective to improve competitive advantage within the selected case environment examined within this research.


Procurement Management, Maritime and Shipping, Strategic Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Portfolio Matrix


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