Dimitar Georgiev, Tasho Tashev, Ivo Draganov



Investigating the Potential Incorporation of Multimodal Biometrics into Fully Automated Entry-Exit System for the European Union

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In this paper a cost model with accompanying calculations about the multimodal biometrics application within the automated entry-exit system of the European Union is presented. ? fusion among facial, fingerprint and fingervein features of the travelers is considered expecting to produce higher verification/identification accuracy and improving the level of reliability of border crossings. The model suggests significant cost savings based on the difference from the expected investment in current infrastructure, its operation, maintenance and support from one hand and the reduction of the number of border officers on the other. It has been verified with sample data for the past two phases of the Smart Borders initiative where close values are obtained between the predicted and already registered financial results.


multimodal biometrics, entry-exit system, cost model, automated border check, European citizen, third country national


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