Ilias Panagiotopoulos, George Dimitrakopoulos



Investigating the Acceptance on the Road to Connected-autonomous Vehicles

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Connected-autonomous vehicles are a developing technology which may prove to be the next big evo-lution in transportation. As of now, several major car manufacturing companies are developing and testing their own prototype passenger autonomous cars with plans to eventually release the technology to market. Despite enthusiastic speculation about the potential benefits of connected-autonomous vehicles, to date little is known about the factors that will affect users’ acceptance or rejection of this emerging technology. Gaining accepta-nce from end users will be critical to the widespread deployment of connected-autonomous cars. This paper describes a focus-group study conducted by means of an online questionnaire distributed to university stu-dents in Greece, followed by a comprehensive statistical analysis of opinions regarding user acceptability, secu-rity and safety concerns, and intension to have or use connected-autonomous vehicles for their future trans-portation needs.


transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, connected-autonomous vehicles


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Ilias Panagiotopoulos, George Dimitrakopoulos. (2019) Investigating the Acceptance on the Road to Connected-autonomous Vehicles. International Journal of Transportation Systems, 4, 56-61


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