Ashraf Ali Marei Ahmed, H. E. A. Ibrahim



INS/GPS Integration System for Low Cost MEMS

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Navigation systems are constantly demanding for exploding system performance and minimizing system size. They require higher accuracy, reliability, robustness against jamming, impossibility to intercept and ability to fit very small compartments. Low-cost inertial sensors are described by high noise and large doubts in the outputs such as bias, scale factor, drift and non-orthogonality. So, errors associated with a low-cost microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) in terms of position, velocity and attitude grow rapidly in standalone mode. If decent performance can be reached with low-cost inertial measurement unit (IMU), the cost of real applications can be reduced and the growth of new applications may be made feasible. The technique to advance the accuracy is supplementing the IMU with some aiding sources; for example, global positioning system (GPS) or digital compass. This motivates the system-integrators to enhance the performance by integrating the long-term GPS accuracy with the short-term INS accuracy.


IMU, INS, GPS, Kalman filters; navigation states.


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Ashraf Ali Marei Ahmed, H. E. A. Ibrahim . (2020) INS/GPS Integration System for Low Cost MEMS . International Journal of Transportation Systems, 5, 19-24


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