Ceyda Erturun, Mehtap Dursun



Demand Forecasting for European Automotive Market

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Today’s globally changed world, especially after Covid-19 Pandemic, supply chain systems gained even more importance than ever before. With the competitive market, customer demand needs to be immediately satisfied; “how” is irrelevant. Businesses must increase the efficiency of their supply chains now more than ever in order to preserve a competitive advantage. The lean manufacturing and just-in-time (JIT) inventory control concepts that propelled companies like Toyota, Dell, and Walmart to the top of their respective sectors are still valid. Moreover, leading businesses are using advanced analytics and new technologies to make their supply chains more responsive to client demand. Customers have become more demanding with growing preferences as a result of severe competition, fluctuating market demand, and expanding customer expectations. The aim of this study is to forecast demands in automotive sector to respond changing customer demands. In the study, Norway market is chosen to apply forecasting method.


Automotive Market, Forecasting, Supply chain management


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