Maria Panou, Katerina Touliou, Nikos Dimokas, Kostas Kalogirou, Evangelos Bekiaris



A Tool for Assessing Elderly Drivers with MCI

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driving assessment tool, computerized tests, elderly drivers, drivers with MCI


Old people need to stay independent and mobile, thus driving their own car is of key importance to them for sustaining their quality of life. Several studies have connected the driving ability with autonomous living capabilities. However, since driving is a demanding task that requires multiple skills, a through fitness to drive assessment is an absolute necessity, especially for elderly drivers with cognitive impairments. Within IN LIFE project, a novel car driving ability assessment and enhancement web tool that aims to assess and prolong safe driving for the elderly with mild cognitive impairments. The tool consists of three tiers; the first tier includes the initial assessment questionnaires, while the second tier comprises the neuropsychological assessment part that identifies specific deficits in attentional functioning. Finally, the third tier contains a set of on-road tests. In addition, a consultation service is included that provides information on driving aids that are appropriate for the elderly. In addition to the web tool, a mobile application has been developed. The web application of the tool is based on a standard HTTP web server (Apache 2.4) and the implementation (front-end component) or else the Graphical User Interface is based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. The mobile application is based on Android platform.

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Maria Panou, Katerina Touliou, Nikos Dimokas, Kostas Kalogirou, Evangelos Bekiaris. (2017) A Tool for Assessing Elderly Drivers with MCI. International Journal of Transportation Systems, 2, 31-36