Na-Rang Kim, Soon-Goo Hong, Soon Hyoung Park



A Social Network Analysis of the Parking-Related Civil Complaints in Busan City

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The purpose of this study is to analyze the parking-related civil complaints data that was registered in 2015 for Busan City in South Korea by using a social network analysis (SNA) method. Out of the approximately 2,000 civil complaints that were registered during 2015 in Busan City, 412 complaints were traffic-related and were chosen as the research sample. After extracting parking-related keywords from this sample, we conducted a degree centrality analysis using an SNA method. Parking difficulties, illegal parking, conflicts between residents, insufficient availability of parking spaces, and public parking lots appeared to be the most common problems expressed in the civil complaints that related to parking according to the results of the degree centrality analysis. In particular, parking difficulties due to the insufficient availability of parking spaces and other issues caused by illegal parking appeared as keywords among the civil complaints. This study has the following limitations and suggestions for future studies. Among the total civil complaints data gathered in 2015, 412 of the civil complaints were related to traffic, among which only 10% were parking-related. Therefore, cautions are in order when interpreting the results of our study due to the smaller sample size. The analysis of civil complaints data conducted in this study should be used to assist government organizations and relevant companies when they are making decisions related to parking.


Social Network Analysis, Busan City, Parking-Related Civil Complaints, Parking difficulties, Public parking lots, SNA


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