Jorge K. S. Formiga, Denilson P. S. Santos, Antonio F. B. A. Prado



Resonant Orbits for the Space Debris

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The present paper has the goal of studying the changes of the orbital parameters considering a fragment that makes a close approach with the Saturn.Successive swing-by maneuvers with the planet was performed to determine the trajectory. It is also assumed the presence of only two massive bodies (Sun and Saturn) that are in circular and planar orbits. Those derivations are based in the “patched-conics” approximation, which means that a series of keplerian orbits are assumed for the debris. It is then searched for geometries of the swing-by maneuvers that cause a series of passages by the planet. Those orbits have to be resonant with the motion of Saturn. After deriving the equations they are verified using the Tisserand’s Criterion, which is a rule that must be followed by the keplerian elements before and after a swing-by. It is necessary to verify if the orbits are physically possible, having in mind that the periapsis of the orbits around the Sun needs to be above its surface, as well as the closest approach with Saturn needs to be above the surface of the planet.


Astrodynamics, Maneuvers, Space debris, Swing-Bys


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Jorge K. S. Formiga, Denilson P. S. Santos, Antonio F. B. A. Prado. (2019) Resonant Orbits for the Space Debris. International Journal of Education and Learning Systems, 4, 1-7


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