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Microbeats Distributions on Tensor Fields

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In this study, isotropic and anisotropic microbeads were synthesi¬zed and characterized in Microbeats Distributions on Tensor Fields Isotropic microbeats materials have identical material properties in all directions at every given point. This means that when a specific load is applied at any point in the x, y or z-axis, isotropic mirobeats materials will exhibit the same strength, stress, strain,hardness. Anisotropic microbeats materials, also known as “triclinic” materials, are direction-dependent mediums that are made up of unsymmetrical crystalline structures. In other words, the mechanical properties of anisotropic materials depend on the orientation of the material’s body. Each surface reacts differently upon applying the same load to different axes. This implies that if a certain mechanical or thermal property is measured along the x-axis, measurements will differ upon taking it along the y-axis or z-axis. Also, the concentration and the distribution of atoms are different with respect to reference axes. So, as the axis changes, the measurements change as well.


Microbeats, isotropy, anisotropy, tensor, adsorption isotherms, magnetic polymers, polymeric microbeads


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