Habib Achache, Abdelouahab Benzerdjeb



Delamination of a Composite Laminated under Monotonic Loading

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Our work aims to analyze using the finite element method the evolution of the stress intensity factor (SIF) parameter K of three laminated folded plates stacks [+ α, -α], made of the same epoxy matrix and different reinforcement fibers (boron, graphite and glass). Our results show that the angle of orientation of the boron / epoxy composite has no great influence on the variation of the parameter KI. Compared to composite graphite / epoxy and glass / epoxy, the laminated composite boron / epoxy reduces more the SIF KI in the middle of the plate for angles 0 ° ≤α≤30 °.


Cracks, delamination, stress intensity factor, fibers orientations, finite element method and laminates.


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