Ratih Hurriyati, Rahyuniati Setiawan



Destination Personality Analysis on Brand Attractiveness, Brand Awareness, and its Impact on Brand Loyalty: A Survey Research in Indonesia

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This study examines factors leading to reduced visits at the Water Park of Sabda Alam - Garut in Indonesia. The variables studied are personality destination, brand attractiveness, and brand awareness which are believed to play an important role in influencing consumer decisions regarding their visitations of Sabda Alam tourist site. The research aims to determine the effect of destination personality toward brand attractiveness and brand awareness and its impact on brand loyalty. The subjects studied are consumers (or visitors) at the Water Park, involving 222 people and an explanatory survey method has been used to examine the condition. A questionnaire has been used as a data collection technique with the help of SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) for data analysis, using AMOS software version 20. The results show that destination personality is of positive influence on brand attractiveness and brand awareness, while, brand attractiveness, brand awareness and destination personality have positive influence on brand loyalty.



brand attractiveness, brand awareness, brand loyalty, destination personality



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