Jun Li, Na Liu



MIMO Radar Orthogonal Polyphase Code waveforms Design Based on Sequential Quadratic Programming

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Orthogonal polyphase code is one of the most important waveforms for MIMO radar. In this paper, the sequential quadratic programming (SQP) method is used to design orthogonal polyphase code. The object is to obtain the waveforms not only with low autocorrelation sidelobe levels and low cross-correlation levels, but also with low integrated output (the summation of the outputs of all matched-filters in MIMO radar) sidelobe level, since it is the direct factor that affects the radar target detection. Phase quantization is applied to facilitate the waveform generating in practical radar system. Simulation results verify the validity and practicability of the method, and the effects of the optimization weighting coefficients and the number of quantization bits are discussed.


Orthogonal polyphase code, sequential quadratic programming (SQP), auto-correlation sidelobe, cross-correlation, integrated output, phase quantization, waveform design, MIMO radar


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