Mohamed Fakhreddine, Teodora Bakardjieva



Advanced Signal Processing Method for The Video Detection and Monitoring of TV Datacenter

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A TV Datacenter is a structure that houses computer systems and other components such as telecommunications and storage systems. Broadcast automation is the technique of using broadcast programming technology to automate broadcasting procedures. Available software comes at a hefty price and isn't well-suited to dealing with visual problems that might occur during TV broadcasting. As a result, detecting and correcting broadcast faults becomes essential. The primary goal of this research is to provide a comprehensive and innovative method for accommodating Datacenter expansion, improving data transmission in Datacenters, and detecting mistakes and issues in TV Datacenters. The system provides a technically simplified solution for resolving video-related issues during TV transmission. This has been accomplished through the use of rather advanced video, and signal processing techniques, as well as the introduction of machine learning algorithms for the automatic identification and rectification of video errors that may arise when videos are being broadcast on television. In this study, two forms of video defects have been considered: videos that halt and become black, and films that freeze. The results obtained using the algorithms showed a detection rate obtained of 83.33% which can be considered to be an indicator of the high performance of the proposed detection system. Moreover, according to the results, the minimum time of replacement is zero seconds meaning that the replacement was done automatically after the detection of the corruption in the video. The results also showed that for all videos, the detected number of frames were all successfully replaced. The frame replacement showed 100% efficiency for every video.


TV Datacenter, Monitoring, Detection, Signal Processing, Video Frames, Detection Rate, Video Replacement


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