Chong Zhou, Lakshmi Sankar, Jechiel Jagoda



Assessment of Wind Energy Potential for Shanghai, China

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Because of its geographical advantage as a coastal port Shanghai has grown over the past several decades into a major metropolis. In this study, the energy needs of this region and the potential for wind turbines in meeting some of the needed energy are explored. A wind turbine farm, customized for the region, has been designed and modeled. A coefficient of power around 0.5 was realized. An economic analysis has been conducted, and it has been determined that wind power is a viable alternative to other sources of energy in this region. Environmental impact of the wind turbine farm has been assessed. While wind turbine noise and power fluctuations due to wind speed variations were not of major concern, migratory pattern of birds in this area suggests that the location of the wind farms must be carefully chosen.


wind resources, wind turbine modeling and design, cost of energy, avian and noise issues


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Chong Zhou, Lakshmi Sankar, Jechiel Jagoda. (2018) Assessment of Wind Energy Potential for Shanghai, China. International Journal of Renewable Energy Sources, 3, 78-84


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