Ahmed Chouya, Kada Boureguig



Adaptive Control with MRAC Regulator for DC-DC Buck Converter

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In this article; we process DC-DC buck converter by adaptive controller. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) rule is applied as an adaptive mechanism to determine the optimum control parameters under certain conditions. The regulators take three positions; it located in: - feed forward and direct chain; - feed forward and feed back; -direct chain and feed back. The adaptive control technique used is Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC); this method can control the system by varying the output voltages, input voltage and load resistance. The proposed method has a stable response capable of reaching the model reference smoothly.


DC-DC Buck Converter, Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Rule


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Ahmed Chouya, Kada Boureguig. (2022) Adaptive Control with MRAC Regulator for DC-DC Buck Converter. International Journal of Control Systems and Robotics, 7, 13-26


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