Alina Gavrilut, Gabriel Crumpei, Nikos E.Mastorakis



Mathematical Models in Neuroscience

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Neuroscience, semantic system, brain, neuronal network, spectral network, mirror neurons


In this paper, several mathematical models in neuroscience are provided. Firstly, the semantic system of the brain and the semantic logic, i.e., the logic that is specific to the human brain are discussed. Then, a mathematical-physical model to explain the mirror neurons paradigm is developed. Precisely, considering that any biological structure can be assimilated to a fractal (both structurally and functionally), a mathematical-physical model is proposed in order to explain the mirror neurons paradigm. Extending de Broglie’s idea concerning the wave-corpuscle duality by means of the information (in its implicit and explicit) form, we are lead to assume the existence of a fractal medium, which can store and transmit information in the form of a natural field (called a fractal field). In consequence, the mirror neurons transmitting mechanism can be explained by this spontaneous symmetry breaking, in which the specific neuronal network and specific logics appear.

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Alina Gavrilut, Gabriel Crumpei, Nikos E.Mastorakis. (2017) Mathematical Models in Neuroscience. International Journal of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 2, 16-21