Wlodzimierz Klonowski, Anna Korzynska, Ryszard Gomolka, Pawel Stepien



Computer-Aided Image Analysis in Onco-Pathology

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digital pathology, tumor grading, proliferation index, biopsy, lymphoma, DLBCL, CFPP method


We have proposed new quantitative methods for assessment and classification of selected tumors to assist oncopathological diagnostics. These methods are based on computer-aided analysis of histopathological images. Materials and Methods: In this paper we propose a simple new methods of quantitative image-based assessment of color tissue histopathology slides. The method is based on color filtration pixel-by-pixel of the whole virtual slides will be called CFPP method. Information contained in such slides that results from staining tissues from biopsies with different dyes helps to reveal details that might otherwise not be apparent. Results: We demonstrated that with appropriate image preprocessing our method helps out in diagnosis of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL or DLBL). Conclusions: In collaboration with pathologists and oncologists our computer-aided method may be adapted and adjusted to assist in diagnosis of other problems in digital pathology.

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Wlodzimierz Klonowski, Anna Korzynska, Ryszard Gomolka, Pawel Stepien. (2017) Computer-Aided Image Analysis in Onco-Pathology. International Journal of Oncology and Cancer Therapy, 2, 9-12