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Robust Framework for Enhancing Navigation, Surveillance, Tele-presence and Interactivity

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This paper discloses a robust framework for enhancing navigation, surveillance, tele-presence and interactivity via media streams. A primary media stream acquisition unit is disposed to capture an input media stream (for example video stream) representing the environment and transmit captured media stream live or archived to a transform unit providing means of transforming captured media stream to a desired format and applying appropriate distortion correction measures such that said media stream becomes more suitable for further processing. The transformed media stream is fed to an analysis unit implementing means of analyzing transformed media stream for the detection and tracking of objects or other desired results. Adaptive refinement of the accuracy of analysis results permits improvements in the performance of the analysis unit with increasing use. A rendering unit displays views of the primary media stream and an optional secondary media stream captured by an optional secondary media acquisition unit under the control of input from a control unit and/or overlay unit. The overlay unit provides means of overlaying detected/tracked objects of interest on a map of the environment represented by the media stream and means of using events occurring at or near the locations of said overlaid objects on said map to control the view of the environment presented to the user. View control via events affecting overlaid objects could be achieved through the simultaneous control of the transformed view of the primary media stream and of a secondary media acquisition unit disposed to capture a higher resolution view of the indicated region of the environment. A control unit receives user input that is used to determine what combinations of views to display from the primary and/or secondary media streams. Control signals from the control unit could also be used to control other units in the system including the transform, analysis and overlay units.


Tele-presence, Virtual environment navigation, Adaptive refinement, Distortion correction, Surveillance, Map overlay, Interactive navigation


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