Sang-Lim Ju, Young-Jae Kim, Won-Ho Jeong, Kyungseok Kim



Performance Evaluation of Limited Feedback Schemes for 3D Beamforming in LTE-Advanced System

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The three-dimension (3D) multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) system is one of the key technologies studied for some advanced wireless communication systems such as Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) In the 3D MIMO systems, uniform planar array (UPA) is equipped at BS. It enable elevation beamforming as well as azimuth beamforming. This paper investigates two limited feedback schemes for 3D beamforming. The spectral efficiency is evaluated for two limited feedback schemes in various antenna configurations.



3D beamforming, 3D MIMO, Limited feedback scheme, LTE-A, Spectral efficiency, UPA



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