Maheswaran S., Sathesh S., Indhumathi N., Ajith Kumar P., Gomathi R. D.



Independent Portable Data Copier for Data Transfer

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Copying information from one memory storage to another is hindered with many constraints such as the availability of pc. Doing memory operations between memory storage devices in remote areas become virtually impossible if computers weren’t available. To overcome this problem, we came up with the idea of a portable device capable of interfacing memory storage devices and perform memory operations like copy, move, delete, etc. Hence the user can copy files from one memory system to other in absence of help of a PC. Our device also has internal storage so that the person can back up their data. To make the device user-friendly, we have included simple applications like Music Player, Calculator and Notepad which we use in our day-to-day life. In addition to such features we have included some high-end features like GSM and Bluetooth. GSM facilitates the person to make phone calls and text at the same time. Bluetooth can help in communicating with other Bluetooth enabled devices and in transferring small sized files. To make the device portable, we have added battery which supports 7 hours of continuous operation


Data Copier, Communication, Portable, SD Card


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