S. M. Abd Elazim, E. S. Ali



Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm for Optimal Network Reconfiguration

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Recently, minimization of power losses in distribution system is the objective of many researches due to its effect on voltage profiles and total cost. This problem can be handled by optimal reconfiguration of radial distribution system (RDS). Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm IWOA which is inspired from social behavior of humpback whales, is proposed to restructure the RDS by selecting the optimal switches combination subject to the system operating constraints. The proposed algorithm combines exploitation of WOA with exploration of Differential Evolution (DE) and therefore it provides a promising candidate solution. The proposed algorithm is tested on IEEE 33 and 69 bus RDS. The effectiveness of the proposed method comparing with other well-known optimization techniques is proved through simulation results by examining total losses, cost and saving. Also, the effect of variable loading is considered to ensure the superiority of the proposed IWOA.


Radial Distribution Network; Reconfiguration; IWOA; Power Losses; Minimization


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S. M. Abd Elazim, E. S. Ali. (2019) Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm for Optimal Network Reconfiguration. International Journal of Communications, 4, 6-15


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