Nikhil Rathod, P. D. Paikrao



Google Assistance Based Home Automation

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his paper presents a home automation controlled by using Google Assistant system. Now present day most advancement of Automation technologies that makes humans life is simpler and easier in all aspects. In present world the automatically devices are used over manually by iot. The wireless technology can operate anywhere in the world by using the iot, an automated home is called a smart based home. It saves the electricity and manpower. In this work the paper shows designs diagram and prototype of the automatic Home controlled system. The main device is Node MCU has inbuilt Wi-Fi module, that’s why it will help to control devices over the internet. Iot is main objective to control all over the internet. The automation means the control devices or system automatic with less human helps or efforts. Today the wireless technology is growing fast day by day. Now a day, wireless technology plays most important role in automation technology. It means the automation makes the technology free from human interruption. Home automation is one of the technologies emerging these days. This work can use in home appliances like lights, fan, TV, college, school, and labs. It also provides better security and good surveillance by using this technology.


IFTTT (If This Than That) Application, BLYNK Application, Internet of Things, Google Assistant, Voice Control, Smartphone, Temperature and Gas sensor, Node MCU (ESP8266, relay


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