Ozlem Coskun



Design of Structural Health Monitoring Using Wireless Network

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This study aims the acquiring of the constant medical heart functions data of the patients by an implantable device and receiving such data at a center through the wireless network by some gateway. By the help of this desultory planning not only patient may have a better permissiveness but a real time monitoring can also be achieved. On the other hand, with the help of this suggested approach precautions can be taken in advance by the related staff and institutions. This project initially takes the cardiac and hypertension patients into consideration and aims examining the patients on time when an immediate treatment is needed. The system evaluates the values coming from the heart by storing them at a cellular station according to the standards of WHO. If the signals from the transmitter are not at a proper scale, the device warns the patient at once then the emergency staff. The signal parameters (threshold) can be given to the patient by the doctor. While doing it, the most important key aspects are; time, buzzer, sending the message, time of the message sent and the health graphics.


Biotelemetry, Zigbee Module, Wireless Network


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