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5G Network: Challenges and Cognizance

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5G technology is a brand new paradigm strongly supported by European Commission to overcome the demands of future networks and aiming to tackle the unconventional and manifold enterprise business necessities of vertical sectors like Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, unconventional resource virtualization, on-demand service-oriented resource allocation etc. The accommodation of such features requires multipronged efforts in exclusive network generation domains at various levels. In this paper, we check out how the relative 5G network features mission the current era of networks, both fixed and wireless and data centres from end users’ point of view. Furthermore, we offer some insights into how emerging technology consisting of network function Virtualization (NFV) and software defined Networks (SDN) can be applied to ensure above mentioned features and 5G network realization for individual and commercial users.


orchestration, NFV, SDN, 5G, optical networks, Wi-Fi networks


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